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AMMA-MOD Presentation
2006 model database
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The 2006 model database

In a first time, the 2006 actual database is composed of three different parts corresponding to different uses and facilities:

Common products:

Widely used products are or will be centralized in the database in order to help the AMMA community work.

They include the products asked by the AMMA researchers among:

  • a subset of the ECMWF analysis/forecast outputs. The products are archived on a regular longitude/latitude grid over the AMMA region. An inquiry mail has been sent to a wide diffusion list in order to determine the parameters, resolution and times to be stored ;
  • a subset of the ECMWF ERA40 reanalysis;
  • a subset of the NCEP analysis
  • a subset of the ocean MERCATOR analysis ;
  • a subset of the AMMA-ALADIN analysis ;
  • a subset of the Météo-France ARPEGE analysis ;

The parameters for the different models above are not defined precisly at this time, except for ECMWF products, widely used and asked by the different communities.

We remind that the AMMA database constitutes an interface between the AMMA researchers and the operational centers (ECMWF, Météo-France…), which are not supposed to provide data service to the AMMA community. The AMMA database offers a free data service for our community. The AMMA people requirements will be taken into account and satisfied as far as possible.

Public or private workspaces:

Some modeling groups expressed the need of a workspace allowing the storage and the exchange of data and information. For these groups, we propose to set up a storage space with upload and download facilities associated with a web site and a forum. Depending on the group requirements, the access to the workspace will be either public or reserved.
At present, three groups have been identified by the model database team, which are the AMMA Land surface Model Intercomparison Project (ALMIP) group, the AMMA-MIP modeling group and the CLIMATE modeling group.

Links to other AMMA initiatives:

Some groups have already organized their own workspace, archive and exchange ways. If agreed by the groups, it will be possible to display a presentation page of the project and a link to the webpage of each group from the AMMA model database website.

Up to now, three modeling groups already organized were identified: the MESO-NH group, the AMMA-MIP project and the WAMME project.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 December 2006 )