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2006 model database
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The 2008 model database

The durable AMMA model database will be set up at IPSL and mirrored in Africa. It will include two different types of model outputs:

  • the “Common products” part, directly inherited from the work AMMA model database.
  • the research model outputs. It will contain the simulations or other products which will be evaluated as pertinent by the different modeling groups, such as:
  1. forcing fields
  2. reference simulations
  3. case studies
  4. long coupled climate simulation

Each group has to communicate results to the durable model database. In order to plan and ease the set up of the model database, each group has:

  • to propose a timeline indicating when they may be able to provide products.
  • to send an example of the model outputs in order to check that the format is manageable and the required metadata indicated.

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