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AMMA-MOD Presentation
2006 model database
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The AMMA model database aims at:

  • providing to the whole AMMA research community products widely used to interpret model results as well as observation data (such as ECMWF analysis, climatologic fields…);
  • providing to the different modeling groups facilities of storing, comparing, distributing and discussing their results;
  • stimulating the exchange of information and collaboration between researchers from different disciplines or using different methods (typically modelers versus observers);
  • building a durable archive of pertinent model products for the AMMA scientific community, to be mirrored in Africa as early as 2008.

Many modelers are involved in the AMMA project and planned to simulate different features of the Western African monsoon (atmospheric and ocean processes, chemical and aerosol transport, surface-atmosphere interactions…) and their variability using a large variety of models. Many particular situations documented during the SOPs will also constitute case studies for meso-scale simulations. Some intercomparison projects have already been designed (ALMIP, AMMA-MIP …).

Model re-analyses (ECMWF and NCEP) are already available, and operational model routine analyses will be archived (atmosphere and ocean). The open question concerns all research model (atmospheric GCM and meso-scale models, atmospheric chemistry, land surface, hydrology and energy exchanges with atmosphere, ocean specific model simulations / re-analyses, etc…). The different modelers groups will be contacted to get them sensitized to the necessity of furnishing relevant products to the database.

The design and development of the AMMA model database has been achieved in a first time, to provide first operational model outputs, then specific research simulations in a second time.

The AMMA model database is managed and developed at IPSL. A first structure satisfies the three first purposes (designed hereafter as “the 2006 model database”). The last target (designed as “the 2008 model database”) will be achieved when the researchers will transfer key products to the database in due time and standard format.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 December 2006 )