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AMMA-SAT products are accessible directly from the AMMA-SAT FTP site or from the catalogue page of the AMMA-SAT Web site. Public data are delivered through an anonymous FTP access, whereas private data are accessible for registered users only via an identified login access.

  • Web Ordering Tool:

A web ordering tool has been developed to allow users to order data from the database using a multi-criteria search engine. Searches can be done by selecting several geophysical parameters, spatial resolutions, satellites and sensors. The web ordering tool indicate the time periods available for the selected datasets, and a geographical area can also be selected using a map applet or one of the predefined regions of interest. Once the search criteria have been submitted, the web ordering tool returns the NetCDF files corresponding to the selection. The user can order all the files or a subset of the selection. Orders are placed on an FTP pool from which the user can download the NetCDF files.

  • Live Access Server (LAS):

LAS is a highly configurable Web server designed to provide flexible access to geo-referenced scientific data. LAS enables the Web user to :

  • visualize data with on-the-fly graphics (longitude/latitude fields, Hovmuller, profiles, times series, …),
  • request custom subsets of variables in a choice of file formats (image, text, NetCDF, …),
  • access background reference material about the data (metadata),
  • compare (difference) variables from distributed locations.
  • UNIX Logins:

AMMA-SAT registered users can log on directly to the computers hosting the database. Users can benefit of a personal workspace and have a read-only access to the data to execute their codes.

Last Updated ( Monday, 18 December 2006 )