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MSG Land surface products are available Print E-mail

The land surface products derived from SEVIRI/MSG data are now ailable on a daily basis. This product are generated by the LSA SAF, and processed by the POSTEL Service Center. This products are :

The DSLF (Downwelling Surface Longwave radiation Flux) (W.m-²) is one of the most important components of the surface energy balance over land and can be defined as the thermal irradiance reaching the surface in the thermal infrared spectrum (4-100µm).

The DSSF (Downwelling Surface Shortwave radiation Flux) (W.m-²) refers to the radiative energy in the wavelength interval [0.3µm – 4.0µm] reaching the Earth’s surface per time and surface unit.

The LST (Land Surface Temperature) is the radiative skin temperature of the land surface.

The broadband bi-hemispherical albedo (AL-BB-BH) is the fraction of the incoming solar radiation reflected by the land surface, integrated over the whole viewing and illumination directions, and integrated over the whole solar spectrum. An error (AL-BB-BH-ERR) is associated to albedo.

The NDVI product is generated by the POSTEL Service Center, using the spectral directional albedos at 0.6µm and 0.8µm derived from the SEVIRI/MSG data processed by the LSA SAF operational node at the Institute of Meteorology of Portugal.

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